28th - 30th January 2020
Focus Day 28th January

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NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force Logistic Requirements to be Revealed

The emerging security challenges posed in Eastern Europe, along with evolving threats originating in the Middle East and North Africa, requires the military supply chain to equip and sustain mobile forces while on the move.

NATO’s decision to create the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) means the focus on sustaining air, land, maritime and special forces assets at short notice will be critical to operational success.

Combat Logistics 2018 will begin with an exclusive day looking at logistics in the mobile force. With theatres of warfare rapidly changing and tensions rising in Eastern Europe, it is imperative that we bring together military leaders, governments and industry to discuss current policies, concepts and the implementation of training programmes designed to prepare support units for future missions.

The day will begin with an opening address from Commodore Marcel Hallé, Assistant Chief of Staff J4, NATO SHAPE outlining the Logistic Demands for NATO’s Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF).

Speaking ahead of the conference, Commodore Halle commented:

“The absolute priority to get right is to project and sustain forces from the front end at speed. We need to bring together forces from multiple entry points across Europe into one single administration point at a rapid pace. We have no choice but to get this right.”

How military leaders achieve this mission statement is one question which will be debated at length during the conference. The number of forces, and amount of equipment travelling from multiple locations into one entry point, requires military leaders to understand how to leverage the multitude of capabilities each nation will bring.

This means there isn’t one technology or solution requirement needed at this time. Instead, clarity in the situational awareness to achieve movement and clarity of communication is a top priority. Military leaders will welcome input from industry organisations to demonstrate their individual expertise and technology developments to give nations the flexibility to deploy a range of assets depending upon the mission.

The Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF) can deploy within a few days in response to any threats or challenges that may arise on NATO’s borders or incursions into member states.

When looking ahead to the conference, Commodore Halle warned:

“The new security situation and height of activity will be a challenge to stay on top of. It certainly isn’t as tactile as in conventional conflicts. Therefore, it’s critical we get right the logistics support of combat missions, be that defence or deterrent, and come up with the solutions to the challenges we face.”

Combat Logistics 2018 will provide an opportunity to discuss technology requirements NATO and partners need to ensure we’re ready no matter when the call comes.